The Player 2: Master of Swindlers

The Player 2: Master of Swindlers Kdrama
The sequel to OCN’s hit 2018 series “The Player,” “The Player 2: Master of Swindlers” is a heist drama about a squad of talented swindlers who target the wealthy and corrupt by stealing dirty money that has been obtained through illegal means.

Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell Kdrama
No Young-Won is a psychology consultant and a celebrity. Her personal life is just as impressive as her work career. She is married to Jae-Jin, who is a successful doctor. He is considerate and sympathetic as a husband and a parent.


Connection Kdrama
Jang Jae-Kyeong is an ace detective on the drug task force at Anhyeon Police Station. His life's motto is that weakness in success happens when personal connections and supporters are involved. To avoid that pitfall, he keeps a distance from friends, fellow police officers, and even his own family when he senses it could cause trouble.

Dare To Love Me

Dare To Love Me Kdrama
Kim Hong-Do is single and works as a contract worker for the design team of a mid-sized apparel company. She does pretty much everything there, including running errands, and her colleagues on the design team


Crash Korean Drama
Cha Yeon-Ho gets transferred to the TCI (Traffic Crime Investigation) team. He studied mathematics at the top university in Korea and has numerous certificates in the field of TCI. He has a special ability to simulate the time of

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon kdrama
Seo Hye-Jin has worked as a Korean language teacher at a private educational institute in the Daechi-neighborhood of Gangnam for the past 14 years. The neighborhood is known as the most competitive private education area in the nation.

The Atypical Family

The Atypical Family KDrama
Bok Gwi-Joo and his family were born with different supernatural powers. Bok Gwi-Joo is able to travel back in time, but only to happy times in his life. He can't change

Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking kdrama
Song Ki-Baek is single and 33 years old. He works as an announcer at a broadcasting station. People consider him an ideal announcer. He is polite and well-mannered. One day, Song Ki-Baek suffers