Red Swan

Red Swan Kdrama
A world-class golfer and famous fundraiser develops feelings for her bodyguard who joined the company with an ulterior motive.


Scandal Kdrama
Moon Jung-In is a highly ambitious woman. She married Dr. Baek Dong-Ho for his money. He had a daughter, Baek Seol-A from his previous marriage. Moon Jung-In stole all of Baek Dong-Ho’s assets and then left him. Moon Jung-In became successful in life and she now runs her own entertainment company, which produces drama series.

My Sweet Mobster

My Sweet Mobster Chinese drama
Seo Ji-Hwan is a former gangster. He quit that life and is now the CEO of a company. He tries to disband gangs and hires gang members, who were released from prison, to help them improve their lives.


Hierarchy Chinese drama
Jooshin High School is the most prestigious school in South Korea. The school was established by the conglomerate Jooshin Group. Normally, only students that are chosen at birth to attend Jooshin High School are allowed.

Dare To Love Me

Dare To Love Me Kdrama
Kim Hong-Do is single and works as a contract worker for the design team of a mid-sized apparel company. She does pretty much everything there, including running errands, and her colleagues on the design team

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon kdrama
Seo Hye-Jin has worked as a Korean language teacher at a private educational institute in the Daechi-neighborhood of Gangnam for the past 14 years. The neighborhood is known as the most competitive private education area in the nation.

Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking kdrama
Song Ki-Baek is single and 33 years old. He works as an announcer at a broadcasting station. People consider him an ideal announcer. He is polite and well-mannered. One day, Song Ki-Baek suffers

Wedding Impossible

Wedding Impossible Kdrama
An anti-marriage romance that unfolds when a gay heir to a conglomerate, an unknown actress preparing for a fake marriage, and an ambitious brother-in

Branding in Seongsu

Branding in Seongsu Kdrama
A romantic thriller about a tough marketing executive woman and an intern man's battle of wits in Seongsu-dong, the mecca of branding.