Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking kdrama

Title: Frankly Speaking

Native Title: 비밀은 없어 / Bimireun Eopseo

Also known As: No Secrets

Broadcast Network: JTBC

Broadcast Date: 01 May 2024

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Screenwriter: Choi Kyung Sun

Director: Jang Ji Yun

Production Companies: SLL, Keyeast (키이스트)

Episodes: 12

Frankly Speaking Synopsis

Song Ki-Baek is single and 33 years old. He works as an announcer at a broadcasting station. People consider him an ideal announcer. He is polite and well-mannered. One day, Song Ki-Baek suffers from an incident that causes him to speak without thinking first. He now faces the biggest crisis of his life.

Meanwhile, On Woo-Joo is an enthusiastic TV variety show writer. She becomes interested in Song Ki-Baek’s harsh language and she gets him to appear on her variety show.

Frankly Speaking Cast

Main Roles

Go Kyung Pyo as Song Ki Baek
Kang Han Na as Ohn Woo Joo
Joo Jong Hyuk as Kim Jung Hun

Supporting Roles

Shin Jung Geun as Song In Soo (Ki Baek’s father)
Kang Ae Shim as Na Yoo Jung (Ki Baek’s mother)
Hwang Sung Bin as Song Woon Baek (the second son)
Lee Jin Hyuk as Song Poong Baek (the youngest son)
Go Kyu Pil as Yoon Ji Hoo (JBC’s announcer)

Baek Joo Hee as Ohn Bok Ja (Owner of Beauty Salon “Madam Ohn”)
Kim Sae Byuk as Chae Yun (PD of JBC entertainment bureau)
Lee Bum So Ri as Lee Ha Young (second writer of writer team)
Lee Min Goo as Lee Min Goo (sub-writer of writer team)
Patricia as Song Yi Na (youngest writer)
Park Jae Joon as Jung Goo Won

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