Sweet Home Season 3

Sweet Home Season 3 Kdrama

Title: Sweet Home 3 / Sweet Home Season 3 Native Title: 스위트홈 시즌3 Broadcast Network: Netflix Broadcast Date: 19 July…

Good Partner

Good Partner Kdrama
Cha Eun-Kyeong is a 17 year veteran star lawyer at Law Firm Daejung. Her speciality is in the field of divorce law. While working on divorce cases, she soon faces a crisis

The Auditors

The Auditors Chinese drama
Shin Cha-Il begins work as the leader of the audit team at JU Construction, where corruption runs rampant. Shin Cha-Il doesn't have faith in other people.

No Way Out: The Roulette

No Way Out: The Roulette Kdrama
When an unprecedented heinous criminal is released from prison, a public bounty with a payout of 20 billion won is offerred for his murder. Baek Joong-Sik is a detective, who must protect the killer from the citizens.

The Whirlwind

The Whirlwind Kdrama
Park Dong-Ho is the prime minister of South Korea. He wants to punish the corrupt president, who colludes with powerful family owned corporations called chaebols, and change the world of politic


Scandal Kdrama
Moon Jung-In is a highly ambitious woman. She married Dr. Baek Dong-Ho for his money. He had a daughter, Baek Seol-A from his previous marriage. Moon Jung-In stole all of Baek Dong-Ho’s assets and then left him. Moon Jung-In became successful in life and she now runs her own entertainment company, which produces drama series.

Miss Night And Day

Miss Night And Day Kdrama
Lee Mi-Jin is a single woman in her 20's. She has been struggling to find a decent job for years. While preparing to get a job, she does part-time work and obtains skill certificates. One day, when she wakes

My Sweet Mobster

My Sweet Mobster Chinese drama
Seo Ji-Hwan is a former gangster. He quit that life and is now the CEO of a company. He tries to disband gangs and hires gang members, who were released from prison, to help them improve their lives.


Hierarchy Chinese drama
Jooshin High School is the most prestigious school in South Korea. The school was established by the conglomerate Jooshin Group. Normally, only students that are chosen at birth to attend Jooshin High School are allowed.