The Whirlwind

The Whirlwind Kdrama
Park Dong-Ho is the prime minister of South Korea. He wants to punish the corrupt president, who colludes with powerful family owned corporations called chaebols, and change the world of politic

Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell Kdrama
No Young-Won is a psychology consultant and a celebrity. Her personal life is just as impressive as her work career. She is married to Jae-Jin, who is a successful doctor. He is considerate and sympathetic as a husband and a parent.


Connection Kdrama
Jang Jae-Kyeong is an ace detective on the drug task force at Anhyeon Police Station. His life's motto is that weakness in success happens when personal connections and supporters are involved. To avoid that pitfall, he keeps a distance from friends, fellow police officers, and even his own family when he senses it could cause trouble.

The 8 Show

The 8 Show kdrama
8 people in need of money are invited to appear on reality variety show Money Game. The 8 people are to stay at the studio that consists of nothing


Hide Kdrama
Na Moon-Young is married to Cha Sung-Jae, but Cha Sung-Jae suddenly disappears. Na Moon-Young tries to find her husband and uncover the secret behind his disappearance.

Nothing Uncovered

Nothing Uncovered Kdrama
Seo Jung-Won (Kim Ha-Neul) is a famous journalist and the host of a current events TV program. She has broken many exclusive news stories. In her personal life, she is

A Shop For Killers

A Shop For Killers Korean Drama
Shortly after entering college, Jian receives a call from local police informing her of her uncle’s “suicide”. Her carer, since the death of her parents, uncle Jeong Jin Man