Scandal Kdrama
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Title: Scandal

Native Title: 스캔들

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Broadcast Date: 17 June 2024

Director: Choi Ji-Young

Screenwriter: Hwang Soon-Young


Scandal Synopsis

Moon Jung-In is a highly ambitious woman. She married Dr. Baek Dong-Ho for his money. He had a daughter, Baek Seol-A from his previous marriage. Moon Jung-In stole all of Baek Dong-Ho’s assets and then left him. Moon Jung-In became successful in life and she now runs her own entertainment company, which produces drama series.

One day, she meets Seo Jin-Howho looks like her first love. Seo Jin-Ho wants to become an actor and he is engaged to Baek Seol-A. He first met Baek Seol-A at an orphanage and grew up together there. Due to Moon Jung-In, Seo Jin-Ho disappears completely.

Meanwhile, because of Moon Jung-In, who married Baek Seol-A’s father, Baek Seol-A’s life fell into a bottomless pit and she had to grow up in an orphanage. As Baek Seol-A turned her life around after meeting Seo Jin-Ho, her life completely changes again because of Moon Jung-In.

Scandal Cast

Han Chae-Young as Moon Jung-In
Han Bo-Reum as Baek Seol-A
Kim Kyu-Seon as Min Joo-Ryeon
Lee Byung-Joon as Min Tae-Chang
Choi Woong as Seo Jin-Ho / Jung Woo-Jin
Oh Young-Joo as Go Eun-Byeol
Jeon Seung-Bin as Na Hyun-Woo
Kim Jin-Woo as Na Seung-Woo
Lee Si-Eun as Lee Sun-Ae
Jo Hyang-Gi as Choi Mi-Sun
Hwang Dong-Joo as Park Il-Joong
Kim Yui as Park Ji-Yeon

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