Dare To Love Me

Dare To Love Me Kdrama

Title: Dare To Love Me

Native Title: 함부로 대해줘 / Hamburo Dahaejwo

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Broadcast Date: 13 May 2024

Genre: Rom-com

Screenwriter: Park Yu-mi

Director: Jang Yang-ho

Based on: The webtoon “Treat Me Carelessly” by Sun Woo

Episodes: 16

Dare To Love Me Synopsis

Kim Hong-Do is single and works as a contract worker for the design team of a mid-sized apparel company. She does pretty much everything there, including running errands, and her colleagues on the design team look down on her, but she maintains a positive attitude and doesn’t give up on attaining what she wants. Her dream is to work as a designer for a global luxury fashion brand. She keeps moving forward for her dream.

Meanwhile, Shin Yoon-Bok is a successor of his family who lives in Sungsan Village. The village maintains its appearance from the Joseon period. He takes the appearance of a Confucian scholar and follows what the elders in his family say, but he is also a young man who is full of adventure and a rebellious spirit. He has a dream of becoming a webcomic writer. To attain his dream, he runs away to Seoul. There, Shin Yoon-Bok meets Kim Hong-Do.

Dare To Love Me Cast

Kim Myung-Soo as Shin Yoon-Bok
Lee Yoo-Young as Kim Hong-Do

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