Red Swan Kdrama
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Title: Red Swan

Native Title: 화인가 스캔들

Also known As: Scandal of Hwain Family / Hwainga Scandal

Broadcast Network: Disney+

Broadcast Date: 03 July 2024

Genre: Romance, Drama, Action

Director: Park Hong-Kyun

Writer: Choi Yoon Jung

Episodes: 10

Red Swan Synopsis

Wan-Soo reached the top of her sport as a golf player. Dreaming of having a perfect life within the upper class, she marries the successor of the Hwain Group. Now, Wan-Soo works as the chairperson for a foundation and has gained worldwide fame through her charity work.

She has Do-Yoon as her new bodyguard. Do-Yoon, who graduated from the police university, excels in the martial arts. He joined the Hwang Group’s security team for a specific reason. Through her bodyguard, Wan-Soo faces a secret of the Hwain Family.

Red Swan Cast

Kim Ha-Neul as Oh Wan-Soo
Rain as Seo Do-Yoon
Jung Gyu-Woon as Kim Yong-Kook
Seo Yi-Sook as Park Mi-Ran
Yoon Je-Moon as Han Sang-Il
Ki Eun-Se as Jang Tae-Ra

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