Good Partner

Good Partner Kdrama
Cha Eun-Kyeong is a 17 year veteran star lawyer at Law Firm Daejung. Her speciality is in the field of divorce law. While working on divorce cases, she soon faces a crisis

The Auditors

The Auditors Chinese drama
Shin Cha-Il begins work as the leader of the audit team at JU Construction, where corruption runs rampant. Shin Cha-Il doesn't have faith in other people.

Branding in Seongsu

Branding in Seongsu Kdrama
A romantic thriller about a tough marketing executive woman and an intern man's battle of wits in Seongsu-dong, the mecca of branding.

Queen Of Tears

Queen Of Tears Kdrama
A powerful heiress struggles with her legal eagle husband in a love tale fraught with family pressure, hidden secrets, and a devastating tragedy. Can their love weather the storm, or will tears wash away

Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband KDrama
Kang Ji Won is married to Park Min Hwan, but their marriage is troubled due to Min Hwan's selfishness and his demanding mother. Ji Won is the primary breadwinner for the family, while Min Hwan is unemployed and in debt. Ji Won also handles all the household chores herself.