Miss Night And Day

 Miss Night And Day Kdrama
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Title: Miss Night And Day

Native Title: 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀 / Naggwa Bami Dareun Geunyeo

Also Known As: Woman with Different Day and Night / She’s Different From Night To Day

Broadcast Network: JTBC

Broadcast Date: 15 June 2024

Genre: Rom-com

Screenwriter: Park Ji-ha

Directors: Lee Hyeong-min, Choi Sun-min

Episodes: 16

Miss Night And Day Synopsis

Lee Mi-Jin is a single woman in her 20’s. She has been struggling to find a decent job for years. While preparing to get a job, she does part-time work and obtains skill certificates. One day, when she wakes up in the morning, she finds herself in the body of someone in her 50’s.

Since then, when the sun rises, she becomes the person in her 50’s. During the night, she returns to her 20’s self. She takes her tragedy as an opportunity to get a job. During the day, she begins to work as an intern at Seohan District Public Prosecutors’ Office with the name of Im Soon. She works for Prosecutor Gye Ji-Woong. Even though she appears as a woman in her 50’s, she is an all-round intern who can easily accomplish various tasks.

Meanwhile, Kye Ji-Woong is a prosecutor who works on drug cases at the Seohan District Public Prosecutors’ Office. He is smart and handsome, but he is a perfectionist, who doesn’t tolerate mistakes, and his life revolves around his work. Due to his extreme attitude, his staff members usually quit one after the other. He decides to hire Im Soon and he somehow gets involved with Lee Mi-Jin during the night.

Miss Night And Day Cast

Jung Eun-Ji as Lee Mi-Jin
Lee Jung-Eun as Im Soon
Choi Jin-Hyuk as Gye Ji-Woong
Baek Seo-Hoo as Ko Won

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