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Title: Hide

Native Title: 하이드 / Haideu

Broadcast Network: Coupang Play, JTBC

Broadcast Date: 23 March 2024

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Director: Kim Dong-Hwi

Episodes: 12

Hide Synopsis

Na Moon-Young is married to Cha Sung-Jae, but Cha Sung-Jae suddenly disappears. Na Moon-Young tries to find her husband and uncover the secret behind his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon-Joo is neighbors with Na Moon-Young. There is also a mysterious man named Do Jin-Woo who holds a key to the secret of Cha Sung-Jae’s disappearance.

Hide Cast

Lee Bo-Young as Na Moon-Young
Lee Mu-Saeng as Cha Sung-Jae
Lee Chung-Ah as Ha Yeon-Joo
Lee Min-Jae as Do Jin-Woo

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