My Demon KDrama
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English Title: My Demon

Title: 마이 데몬 / Mai Demon

Broadcast Network: SBS

Broadcast Date: 24 November 2023

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Directors: Kim Jang Han, Kwon Da Som

Screenwriter: Choi Ah Il

Production Companies: Studio S, Binge Works

Episodes: 16

My Demon Synopsis

The series depicts the story of a contract marriage between Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung), the devilish heiress of a conglomerate, and Jeong Gu-won (Song Kang), a demon who temporarily loses his powers. This momentary loss brings them fleeting happiness but ultimately leads to hell.

My Demon Cast

Main Cast

Kim Yoo Jung as Do Do Hee
Kim Kyu Bin (김규빈) as child Do Hee
Song Kang as Jung Goo Won
Lee Sang Yi as Joo Suk Hoon
Kim Hae Sook as Joo Chun Sook

Mirae Group

Kim Tae Hoon as Noh Suk Min
Lee Yoon Ji as Noh Soo Ahn
Jo Yun Hee as Kim Se Ra
Kang Seung Ho as Noh Do Kyung
Park Do Yoon (박도윤) as Austin
Kang Da Ohn (강다온) as Justin

Sunwol Foundation

Jo Hye Joo as Jin Ga Young
Heo Jung Do as Park Bok Kyu

Mirae F&B

Seo Jung Yeon as Shin Da Jung
Park Jin Woo as Han Min Soo
Lee Ji Won as Choi Jung Mi
Hong Jin Ki (홍진기) as Lee Han Sung


Cha Chung Hwa as homeless woman
Kim Sul Jin as Ki Kwang Chul
Seo Sang Won as Father Mikael
Im Chul Hyung (임철형) as Detective Park Kyung Soo
Jun Suk Chan as Detective Lee
Jung Soon Won (정순원) as gangster no. 2

Special appearances

Jung Wook Jin as investment advisor (ep 1)
Kim Bup Rae as Choi Duk Ho (ep 1)
Kim Young Jae as Do Hee’s father (ep 1)
Woo Hee Jin as Do Hee’s mother (ep 1)
Lee Kang Wook (이강욱) as Choi Woo Sun (ep 1,5, Do Hee’s blind date partner / prosecutor)
Joo Suk Tae as Cha Tae Joon (ep 1-3)
Tae Won Suk as Ahn Doo Hwan (ep 2)
Hong Suk Yun as building owner (ep 2)

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