The Midnight Studio

The Midnight Studio Kdrama
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Title; The Midnight Studio

Native Title: 야한(夜限) 사진관 / Yahan Sajin-gwan

Also known As: Midnight Photo Studio / Night Photo Studio

Broadcast Network: ENA / Genie TV

Broadcast Date: 11 March 2024

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

Director: Song Hyun Wook

Screenwriter: Kim Yi Rang

Production Companies: Slingshot Studio (슬링샷스튜디오), C-JeS Studios (씨제스 스튜디오)

Based on a novel of the same name by Kim Yi Rang

Episodes: 16

The Midnight Studio Synopsis

A dizzying and strange story about a prickly photographer and a passionate lawyer at a photography studio that exists only for the dead, going back and forth between life and death with customers on a cool night.

The Midnight Studio Cast

Main Roles

Joo Won as Seo Gi Joo
Nara as Han Bom
Yoo In Soo as Assistant Manager Ko
Eum Moon Suk as Bae Nam Koo

Supporting Roles

Park Jung Ah as Kang Soo Mi
Lee Bom So Ri as Kim Ji Won
Kim Young Ok as So Keum Soon
Han Groo as Jin Na Rae

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