The Impossible Heir

The Impossible Heir Kdrama
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Title: The Impossible Heir

Native Title: 로얄로더 / Royallodeo

Also known As: Royal Loader

Broadcast Network: Star / Disney+

Broadcast Date: 28 February 2024

Genre: Crime, Noir, Revenge

Director: Min Yun Hong

Screenwriters: Choi Won

Production Companies: Slingshot Studio (슬링샷스튜디오), Neo Entertainment (네오엔터테인먼트)

Episodes: 12

The Impossible Heir Synopsis

The story of minor leaguers trying to take the throne of Korea’s largest conglomerate that they wanted to have, become, and steal.

The Impossible Heir Cast

Main Roles

Lee Jae Wook as Han Tae Oh
Lee Joon Young as Kang In Ha
Hong Soo Joo as Na Hye Won

Kang Oh Group

Choi Jin Ho as Kang Joong Mo (Chairman)
Kim Ho Jung as Jang Geum Suk (Kang Joong Mo’s second wife)
Han Sang Jin as Kang In Joo (Kang Joong Mo’s eldest son)
Lee Ji Hoon as Kang Sung Joo (Kang Joong Mo’s second son)
Choi Hee Jin as Kang Hee Joo (Kang Joong Mo’s youngest daughter)

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