Park Sung-hoon Reflects on ‘Queen of Tears’ Journey

After the gripping end of the popular weekend show “Queen of Tears,” actor Park Sung-hoon, who played Yoon Eun-sung, talked about his character’s dramatic exit in an exclusive chat with TV Report.

Park Sung Hoon Queen Of Tears

Looking back on Yoon Eun-sung’s end, Park Sung-hoon said, “Yoon Eun-sung’s final moments felt right. His death was necessary for the happiness of others. It’s surprising I ended up feeling sad for him. He’s probably the most tragic character in ‘Queen of Tears.'”

Even if Yoon Eun-sung had gone to jail, Park Sung-hoon believed he would still bother Hong Hae-in. “I think his exit was needed for Baek-Hong’s happiness,” he added.

Portraying ‘Crazy Love’: Understanding Yoon Eun-sung’s Feelings
Park Sung-hoon aimed to make viewers understand Yoon Eun-sung’s actions, even though he did villainous things. He said, “When he said, ‘I can’t leave you here. I’m going to take you with me,’ I wondered how much love it takes to say that. There are many kinds of love, but I think Yoon Eun-sung’s is ‘crazy love.’ I wanted viewers to feel some sadness for him.”

On Set Experience: Ad-libs and Getting into Character
In the final episode, Yoon Eun-sung’s madness peaked, sparking interest in any improvised moments during filming.

Park Sung-hoon shared, “The writers rarely allow ad-libs, and there were none this time. Since it wasn’t a comedic role, there weren’t opportunities for ad-libs.”

Talking about portraying madness, he said, “I’ve searched for references, but I usually draw from my own experiences to express it. I don’t easily show anger. I collect those moments from real life and use them to fuel the character’s emotions.”

A Memorable Performance
As “Queen of Tears” wraps up, Park Sung-hoon’s portrayal of Yoon Eun-sung leaves a mark, showcasing the complexities of love, obsession, and madness.

The interview offers insight into the meticulous work behind bringing one of the show’s most captivating characters to life, highlighting the actor’s commitment and the teamwork of the production crew.

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