Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun Unite for JTBC’s “Good Boy”

In a thrilling announcement on January 11, JTBC confirmed the dynamic duo of Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun as the lead stars for their upcoming action-packed comic drama, “Good Boy.”

Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun Unite for JTBC’s “Good Boy”

The plot unfolds around a group of former Olympic gold medalists grappling with financial hardships, career limitations, injuries, and a myriad of challenges. In a quest for justice, they form the formidable “Olympics Avengers,” utilizing their athletic prowess to combat violent crime.

Crafted by the acclaimed writer Lee Dae Il, known for his stellar works like “Chief of Staff” and “Life on Mars,” and under the direction of Shim Na Yeon, renowned for “Beyond Evil” and “The Good Bad Mother,” the drama guarantees an enthralling narrative.

Park Bo Gum steps into the shoes of Yoon Dong Joo, a former Olympic gold medalist boxer who transitions into a role as a police officer in the Special Violent Crime Unit. As he faces the challenges of financial despair and career setbacks, Yoon Dong Joo discovers a renewed sense of purpose and taps into his fighting instincts in the pursuit of justice.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun takes on the role of Ji Han Na, an Olympic gold medalist in shooting renowned as the “shooting goddess” for her beauty. Following a shocking incident, Ji Han Na transitions from the shooting range to law enforcement, unveiling a charmingly honest and straightforward demeanor in matters of both love and work.

Described by the production team as a refreshing tale, “Good Boy” narrates the journey of Olympic heroes shifting from sports regulations to combat unethical behavior and foul play within the realm of violent crimes.

Fans can anticipate the authentic portrayal of these heroes’ stories by the talented Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun. The drama is set to premiere in the second half of 2024, promising viewers an engaging and action-packed experience.

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