Nothing Uncovered

Nothing Uncovered Kdrama
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Title: Nothing Uncovered / Let Me Grab You by the Collar

Native Title: 멱살 한번 잡힙시다 / Myeoksal Hanbeon Jabhibshida

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Broadcast Date: 18 March 2024

Genre: Thriller

Director: Lee Ho

Based on web novel “Oanyu: Myeoksal Hanbeon Jabhibshida” by Nyureoki

Episodes: 16

Nothing Uncovered Synopsis

Seo Jung-Won is a famous journalist and the host of a current events TV program. She has broken many exclusive news stories. In her personal life, she is married to Seol Woo-Jae, who comes from a rich family. Her life seems perfect, but everything suddenly changes. The mistress that her husband Seol Woo-Jae was seeing dies. Seo Jung-Won is distraught that her husband was having an affair. Making matters worse, Seo Jung-Won becomes the suspect in the mistress’s murder case.

Seo Jung-Won finds an ally in Detective Kim Tae-Heon. They work together to uncover the truth behind the murder case.

Nothing Uncovered Cast

Kim Ha-Neul as Seo Jung-Won
Yeon Woo-Jin as Kim Tae-Heon
Jang Seung-Jo as Seol Woo-Jae
Jung Woong-In as Seol Pan-Ho
Yoon Je-Moon as Mo Hyung-Taek

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