Kim Do Hoon Takes on Challenging Role in Office Rom-Com ‘Acquaintances

Rising star Kim Do Hoon joins forces with top stars Han Ji Min and Lee Joon Hyuk in Acquaintances. In this highly anticipated series, Kim Do Hoon will be stepping into the shoes of Woo Jung Hoon, the son of a chaebol family. Despite his affluent background, Jung Hoon finds himself grappling with conflicts at home and wrestling with his feelings toward his father.

Kim Do Hoon Takes on Challenging Role in Office Rom-Com 'Acquaintances

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min shines as the self-reliant CEO Kang Ji Yoon, whose dedication to her career leaves little room for anything else in her life. However, everything changes when she crosses paths with her new secretary, Yoo Eun Ho, played by Lee Joon Hyuk, a single father with a warm and caring demeanor.

Directed by Ham Joon Ho and written by Kim Ji Eun, the series promises to deliver a captivating blend of office romance and heartfelt drama. With a talented cast and a compelling storyline, “Acquaintances” is set to air on SBS in 2024.

Kim Do Hoon’s journey to this leading role has been nothing short of remarkable. From supporting roles in series like “My Absolute Boyfriend” and “Dark Hole,” he has steadily garnered attention, culminating in his standout performance in “Moving.” Now, as he takes on the complex character of Woo Jung Hoon, Kim Do Hoon continues to prove his versatility and talent in the world of K-drama.

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