Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo’s Upcoming K-Drama “Blood Free” Set to Premiere This April!

Exciting news for K-drama fans! Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo’s highly anticipated thriller series, “Blood Free,” also known as “Dominant Species,” is gearing up for its premiere this April.

Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo's Upcoming K-Drama "Blood Free" Set to Premiere This April!

According to reports from a media outlet on March 4, “Blood Free” is all set to grace our screens starting April 10, exclusively on the renowned online streaming platform Disney Plus.

In “Blood Free,” viewers can expect to see Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo in the lead roles. The storyline revolves around Yoon Ja Yoo, portrayed by Han Hyo Joo, the CEO of the genetic engineering enterprise BF, who spearheads a new era of artificial meat in the year 2025. Alongside her is Ju Ji Hoon as Woo Chae Woon, an office-turned-guard who strategically gets involved with her, leading them both into a mysterious death incident.

The series comes from the creative mind of Lee Soo Yeon, known for his exceptional work on “Forest of Secrets” and “Grid.” He teams up once again with Director Park Cheon Han, with whom he collaborated on the series “Grid,” igniting high anticipation among viewers for their upcoming project.

In addition to the premiere date confirmation, the production also unveiled a captivating teaser poster that showcases the concept of artificially cultured meat, teasing viewers with the question, “Will you join us in this age of artificially cultured meat?”. The poster features the Blood Free logo stamped in the center, further intriguing audiences about the unfolding story.

Joining Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo are a stellar cast, including Lee Hee Joon as Prime Minister Sun Woo Jae, Lee Moo Saeng as On San, and Kim Sang Ho as Kim Shin Goo, among others.

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