Han So Hee’s Agency Responds to Paris Fashion Week Controversy

Han So Hee's Agency Responds to Paris Fashion Week Controversy

In speculation surrounding Han So Hee’s behavior at the Paris Fashion Week, her agency, 9Ato Entertainment, has stepped forward to address the issue.

Han So Hee, who attended an event for a renowned jewelry brand in Paris as its global ambassador, found herself at the center of attention after rumors surfaced regarding her conduct during the gathering.

While photos circulated of the actress enjoying the party alongside other guests, claims emerged suggesting that she had been involved in an altercation, allegedly instructing someone to “Please be quiet!”

Following the online buzz surrounding the incident, 9Ato Entertainment issued a statement on March 5, seeking to provide clarity on the matter.

The agency clarified that the circulating video had been briefly edited, emphasizing that Han So Hee was not directing her remarks toward any particular individual. They attributed the misunderstanding to the crowded nature of the event, where concerns over safety precautions were prevalent among the staff.

Explaining the circumstances further, the agency noted the presence of both Korean and local attendees, leading to communication challenges amidst the bustling atmosphere and loud music. They highlighted that other officials at the event were also raising their voices to ensure safety protocols were followed effectively.

9Ato Entertainment asserted that the situation had been misinterpreted, affirming that the event concluded smoothly with a positive atmosphere. As the agency’s statement sheds light on the incident, fans await further updates, hoping for clarity and understanding amid the swirling controversy.

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