Flex X Cop’ Season 2 in the Works, Starring Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun

Exciting news for fans of the hit series “Flex X Cop” as it gears up for its highly anticipated second season. A drama official has confirmed that preparations are underway for the sequel, with the script and cast members currently in development.

Screenwriter Kim Ba Da has already begun crafting the script for Season 2, and discussions with the main and supporting cast members, including Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, are ongoing as schedules are being coordinated.

Based on the 2015 Russian series “Silver Spoon,” the original 16-episode K-drama follows the story of Jin Yi Soo, a third-generation chaebol who unexpectedly finds himself becoming a detective, working alongside the tough and determined team leader, Lee Kang Hyun.

As fans eagerly await the finale of the first season, speculation abounds about what Season 2 will bring. Many hope to see the continuation of the captivating storyline and the return of the beloved cast from Season 1. Others are eager for answers to lingering mysteries, such as the resolution of Jin Yi Soo’s mother’s death.

“Flex X Cop” Season 1 will conclude with its last two episodes airing on March 23 on SBS, with international viewers able to stream the series on platforms like Hulu, Disney+, and Wavve.

For Park Ji Hyun and Ahn Bo Hyun, this marks their second collaboration following “Yumi’s Cells,” and Park Ji Hyun has expressed her excitement about reuniting with her co-star, praising his caring nature and their excellent on-set chemistry.

Stay tuned for further updates as drama officials are expected to announce the cast lineup and release date for “Flex X Cop” Season 2 soon.

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