Director of “The 8 Show” Addresses Casting of Bae Sung Woo Amid Controversy

Director of "The 8 Show" Addresses Casting of Bae Sung Woo Amid Controversy

Director Han Jae Rim Discusses Casting Decision for Bae Sung Woo Despite Past DUI Incident

With the rising popularity of the new Netflix K-drama The 8 Show, the public has revisited actor Bae Sung Woo’s previous controversy involving a drunk driving incident. In the series, Bae Sung Woo plays Noh Sang Gook, also known as the “1st floor guy” who works as a clown.

Behind the Scenes of “The 8 Show”

In an interview, director Han Jae Rim shared insights about the filming process and the reasoning behind casting decisions for the series. He addressed the criticism faced by the show for including Bae Sung Woo as a main cast member.

Director’s Decision to Cast Bae Sung Woo

Before the official release of The 8 Show, the series faced backlash for casting Bae Sung Woo due to his involvement in a drunk driving incident in 2021. Despite the controversy, director Han Jae Rim explained his decision to cast the actor, stating that he believed Bae Sung Woo was a perfect fit for the role.

“I wasn’t sure if this would be Bae Sung Woo’s comeback project, and I knew he had other opportunities,” Han Jae Rim mentioned. He admitted there were initial concerns but ultimately chose to cast Bae Sung Woo because of his talent. “I had no other option but to bring back Bae Sung Woo.”

Han Jae Rim further elaborated on his decision, emphasizing his admiration for Bae Sung Woo’s acting skills. “I liked Bae Sung Woo’s acting, and he did an excellent job. I thought his compassionate portrayal was ideal for the role of the 1st floor guy,” he said.

The director wanted Bae Sung Woo to convey a mix of sadness and respect in his performance. He paid particular attention to the character’s physical expression, especially the limp, to ensure a realistic portrayal.

Bae Sung Woo’s DUI Incident

In 2021, Bae Sung Woo was investigated for a DUI incident in Gangnam, Seoul. He was fined 7 million KRW (approximately 6,381.42 USD) for violating the Road Traffic Act. The controversy led him to step down from his role in the drama Delayed Justice, causing significant disruption to the production, which had to find a replacement mid-filming. The role eventually went to Jung Woo Sung, who portrayed reporter Park Sam Woo.

Bae Sung Woo’s Apology and Return

Bae Sung Woo expressed his apologies during The 8 Show press conference, acknowledging the past incident and his decision to continue his acting career. Director Han Jae Rim’s decision to cast him despite the controversy highlights a focus on talent and fit for the role, contributing to the success of The 8 Show.

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