Currently Airing KDramas To Watch In 2024

2024 is here and there are exciting KDramas that are currently airing and they are well received. This list is about currently airing Korean dramas at the moment. I will publish more lists as time goes on, let’s get into it.

In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood Korean Drama

Two sisters, separated when they were children due to their parents’ divorce, meet again 20 years later, leading to a tangled, evil relationship.

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Captivating The King

Captivating The King Korean drama

Lee In is a prince. His older brother is King Lee Sun, who cares about him a lot. Vowing loyalty to his older brother, Lee In is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. King Lee Sun soon views his younger brother’s loyalty as a betrayal and begins to hate him. Lee In endures deep emotional pain because of this.

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LTNS Kdrama

The days of burning with sexual desire and lusting after each other’s bodies are long gone, and Woo-jin and Samuel have evolved into a somewhat withered couple, both physically and emotionally. By coincidence, they find themselves forming a blackmail team that specializes in exposing cheating couples, seeking an opportunity to turn their lives around.

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A Shop for Killers

A Shop For Killers Korean Drama

Shortly after entering college, Jian receives a call from local police informing her of her uncle’s “suicide”. Her carer, since the death of her parents, uncle Jeong Jin Man, had always been quiet and mysterious but never suicidal.

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Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband KDrama

Kang Ji Won is married to Park Min Hwan, but their marriage is troubled due to Min Hwan’s selfishness and his demanding mother. Ji Won is the primary breadwinner for the family, while Min Hwan is unemployed and in debt. Ji Won also handles all the household chores herself.

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Knight Flower

Knight Flower KDrama

When the daughter-in-law of one of Joseon’s most prestigious family is widowed on her wedding day, she begins leading a secret double life; during the day, she appears to live the quiet and secluded life of a widow, while at night, she sneaks out to help people in need.

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Like Flowers In Sand

Like Flowers In Sand KDrama

Kim Baek-doo (Jang Dong-yoon) is a ssireum player considering to retire from the sport. However, his life takes a turn when he reunites with his childhood friend Oh Yoo-kyung (Lee Ju-myoung), who becomes the management team leader for his ssireum team.

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That’s the list of Korean Dramas that are currently airing. More dramas will be airing soon, bookmark this blog for more updates.

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