Captivating The King

Captivating The King Korean drama
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Title: Captivating The King

Native Title: 세작, 매혹된 자들 / Sejak, Maehokdoein Jadeul

Also known As: Spy, the Fascinated

Broadcast Network: tvN

Broadcast Date: 21 January 2024

Genre: Period, Romance, Melodrama

Director: Jo Nam Kook

Screenwriter: Kim Sun Duk

Production Companies: CJ E&M, Studio Dragon

Episodes: 16

Captivating The King Synopsis

Lee In is a prince. His older brother is King Lee Sun, who cares about him a lot. Vowing loyalty to his older brother, Lee In is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. King Lee Sun soon views his younger brother’s loyalty as a betrayal and begins to hate him. Lee In endures deep emotional pain because of this.

Lee In then meets an unknown baduk player who wagers on her games. He is completely fascinated by the baduk player. Through circumstances, Lee In becomes the king. He holds the highest position and is a strong person, but he is sad and weak internally.

When Kang Hee Soo was gaining fame as an unknown baduk player, she met Prince Lee In and fell in love with him. Through a vortex of fate, she becomes a spy. She approaches King Lee In to get her revenge.

Captivating The King Cast

Main Roles

Jo Jung Suk as Lee In
Shin Se Kyung as Kang Hee Soo / Kang Mong Woo
Lee Shin Young as Kim Myung Ha

Supporting Roles

Choi Dae Hoon as Lee Sun
Lee Kyu Hoe as Park Jong Hwan
Yang Kyung Won as Yoo Hyun Bo
Jo Sung Ha as Kim Jong Bae
Son Hyun Joo as Kang Hang Soon
Kang Hong Suk as Joo Sang Hwa
Park Ye Young as Court Lady Dong
Kim Ki Nam as Eunuch Kim
Na Hyun Woo as Choo Dal Ha
Son Sang Eun as Ja Geun Nyeo
Han Dong Hee as Hong Jang
Jung Suk Yong as Se Dong
Go Soo Hee as Jum Yi Ne
Lee Yoon Hee as Kim Je Nam
Jang Young Nam as Royal Queen Dowager Park
Ha Seo Yoon as Queen Oh
Jun Soo Ji as Court Lady Han
Uhm Hyo Sup as Oh Wook Han
Baek Suk Kwang as Min Ji Hwan
Jo Jae Ryong as Jung Je Pyo

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