Beauty And Mr. Romantic

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Kdrama

Title: Beauty And Mr. Romantic / Beauty and the Devoted

Native Title: 미녀와 순정남 / Minyeowa Soonjungnam

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Broadcast Date: 23 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Hong Seok-Ku

Writer: Kim Sa-Kyung

Episodes: 50

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Synopsis

Park Do-Ra is an A-list actress, but a case causes her to fall to the bottom. Go Pil-Seung is a rookie drama series PD. He falls in love with Park Do-Ra and he tries to bring her back to the top.

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Cast

Ji Hyun-Woo as Go Pil-Seung
Lim Soo-Hyang as Park Do-Ra
Go Yoon as Gong Jin-Dan
Cha Hwa-Yeon as Baek Mi-Ja
Park Sang-Won as Gong Jin-Taek
Lee Il-Hwa as Jang Soo-Yeon
Jeong Jae-Sun as Gong Dae-Sook
Lim Ye-Jin as So Geum-Ja
Lee Doo-Il as Go Hyeon-Cheol
Yun Yoo-Sun as Kim Sun-Young
Kim Hye-Sun as Hong Ae-Kyo
Lee Young-Eun as Go Myeong-Dong
Yang Dae-Hyeok as Park Do-Sik
Lee Sang Jun as Park Do-Joon
Han Su-A as Gong Ma-Ri
Lee Seung-Hyeong as Hong Ji-Koo
Kang Sung-Min as Cha Bong-Soo
Nam Joong-Gyu as Lee Jae-Dong
Park Geun-Hyung as Kim Joon-Seob
Lee Seol-A as Park Do-Ra (young)
Moon Sung-Hyun as Go Pil-Seung (young)

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