A Shoulder To Cry On

A Shoulder to Cry On Korean Drama
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Title: 소년을 위로해줘! / Sonyeoneul Wirohaejwo!

English Title: A Shoulder To Cry On

Broadcast Network: TVING / Watcha / Wavve

Broadcast Date: 15 March 2023

Genre: BL, School

Directors: Song Soo Rim (송수림)

Screenwriters: Kang Jae Hyun (강재현), Song Soo Rim (송수림)

Production Companies: Picturesque (픽쳐레스크), MOD Studio (엠오디티스튜디오)

Episodes: 7

Adapted from the webtoon of the same title by Dong Mool (동물)

A Shoulder To Cry On Synopsis

Lee Da-yeol spends his time in school as an outsider, and excels as an archer and a member of the archery club, while Jo Tae-hyun is one of the school’s most popular students, class president, and with a dark secret past. One day, Da-yeol gets wrapped up in rumors after meeting Tae-Hyun in the nurse’s office, which jeopardizes his archery scholarship. Desperate to correct the misunderstanding, Da-yeol does everything he can to quell the rumors but to no avail. On the other hand, Tae-hyun is completely unremorseful and shamelessly follows and begins hanging around with Da-yeol. Without realizing it, the two became curious about each other and slowly started walking the thin line between hate and love.

A Shoulder To Cry On Cast

Kim Jae Han (김재한) as Lee Da Yul
Shin Ye Chan (신예찬) as Jo Tae Hyun
Kim Dong Won (김동원) as Kwon Min Joong
Oh Joo Suk (오주석) as Jang Won Kyung
Shin Si Ae (신시예) as Kang So Young
Jung Ho Kyun (정호균) as Shin Ye Bum

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